MICHAL - Free ebook

IMG_3855How did June get here already? I'm loving the weather in Michigan. Feels like summer most days. (And I don't long for California quite so much this time of year.) My lilacs are in full bloom (the scent in my kitchen is heavenly!) and the grass is growing faster than we can keep up with it. We finished putting in the garden this past weekend, so if the rains continue and we remember to water on days it doesn't, we should have some nice herbs and a few vegetables. I never have the best luck with cucumbers and zucchini, but I keep trying. This year I put them in a different place, so maybe the sun won't scorch them quite so quickly. MICHAL Free Ebook PromotionAs of June 1, Michal (ebook format) entered a limited time free promotion. It is available on Kindle, Nook, CBD.com, and wherever ebooks are sold. If you know someone who has not yet read the series, please pass this along to them. It's a risk free chance to read the first in the Wives of King David series. (I loved writing that series!) Thanks!

I'm in the middle of reading through Deborah's first draft. I didn't actually finish the story yet, (made it to 87K) but realized that I needed to go back and add things that kept popping up later in the story. Hazard of writing too fast is that you forget what you wrote ten chapters ago. So I started over again. I must say that I love the way God gives me little snippets of encouragement in the process. Things I thought awful aren't quite as bad as they first seemed.

Lots of company and dinner out with friends these days. I think everyone is so glad that winter is gone that we want to fit as much life as possible into each day. I wish we could share some of our rain with those in the drought states like Texas and California. Last night on my way home from dinner with a friend, the sky opened up and drenched the roads. We don't live in an area that sees many tornadoes but for a moment the sky looked like it held the possibility.

And now Tiger has hopped up on my lap with the intent of keeping me from typing. I push his paws off the keyboard, and he grabs my thumb and starts chewing. I push his paws away again, and he's right back where we started. We repeat this cycle until he finally gets down and goes off to munch food. Every now and then, it's good to snuggle a kitty. I just prefer he sit nicely rather than "help" me.

I suppose while the sun still shines, I should peek my head outdoors and get back to work. I hope the day is a blessing to you all.