Lazy days of spring

I live in Michigan. Sometimes I imagine that I am in California, but the weather usually reminds me pretty quickly that this is not L.A. And besides, there are no palm trees. Well, except for inside one of our local malls where palm trees abound. With 79 degrees on March 21st, I have had to remind myself that I am not dreaming. There is no ocean nearby. And I am not complaining! I do wonder what happened to our spring. Normally, this time of year I'm wearing a light jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, socks, and tennis shoes. Tonight I rode my bike in a t-shirt, capris, and sandals. And it was glorious! I'm told in Traverse City they've been in the high 80's this week. While my guys in L.A. are over ten degrees cooler. For once, I do not envy their weather.

I love this time of year and have a new addiction to bike riding. Well, not actually an addiction, but it is an exercise I enjoy. Who knew? My bike is nearly as old as I am, the same one my parents bought me probably during high school. Shows how much I've used it over the years.

One of the places I love to ride is our local park, where my favorite magnolia trees are in bloom. I snapped one of these pictures on the way there and the closeup at the park. The ground was a little soft due to recent rains, but not muddy, so I didn't get stuck, thankfully! I passed a mallard duck near a bigger spot of standing water, looking lonely, like he was searching for his mate. A flock of other small birds (sparrows, perhaps) joined him, but no mamma duck. Poor fellow.

Squirrels scampered across the grass in a game of chase, and another darted across my path and up a tree, big bushy tail behind him. Birds chirped and cawed high above me in the leafless trees. The sun was on its way to rest in the west, a fiery round orb, so bright I could not look at it. Made me imagine how it compares to God's glory, which no one can look upon with human eyes and live. The sun's rays made the pavement sparkle as I rode home, and now as I sit here at my computer once more, I can see the pink hues of it setting on the horizon.

I wonder if God smiles when He grants us such beautiful days. Springtime holds such promise with everything budding and flowers showing off their colors as if they are in a competition, trying to outdo each other, begging our attention to "look at me!" And we gaze at them in wonder. Such beauty, just for our enjoyment.

Of course, with such high temperatures in spring, the days could almost lend toward laziness. I have been finding it harder to concentrate, and like our kitties would rather go outside and play. But words still beg to be written, so I pray for extra grace to write them, stopping to listen to the birds and watch the squirrels while I work.

After all, these are the lazy, glorious days of spring. And one must enjoy them while we can.