Just for fun - my little interruptions

Tiger and Shadow have become a little miffed with me lately for not spending countless moments holding them. Tiger does not ask for attention. He just hops in my lap while I'm working, like it or not. Shadow yells first, then jumps. He usually comes around when he thinks he needs a Fancy Feast treat. Due to the fact that he seemed too skinny, I started giving him treats during the day instead of just at night. I think I have created a monster! But in case you are not on my Facebook page to have seen some of these photos and videos, I thought I would give you a glimpse of what I put up with every day. When I worked at a desktop in my office, they would jump on my lap there too. If I sit in a recliner, they sit on the arm of the chair or take over the footrest, making for contorted sitting on my part.

Now I work at the kitchen table, which helps my posture, and seems to be working fairly well. Except that there is no escape from our two munchkins. When our son gets married, I'm planning to turn one of the bedrooms into an office with a door that closes. But I have no doubt I will still hear the indignant cries or thumps on the door to be let in. There is no reasoning with a cat who wants a hug! Which I really don't mind until Tiger starts to chew my fingers!

Sometimes I really do wish you could put a cat down for a nap like you can a baby.

I tried to upload two videos I took of them, but the files were too big. You can see the one on my Facebook Page, though for some reason it's acting glitchy. So I guess the pics will have to suffice.

Shadow is about 13 or so, we're really not sure. And Tiger is seven. Where does the time go? I remember Tiger as the kitten we got in 2005. I have to stop blinking because time is aging them faster than I can keep up!

So I love them every day, despite the work interruptions. I've always been "interruptible," to family, kitties, and friends. Life is so much more about people (and furry persons) than it is about work. Though the work is important, the people matter more. And my furry babies give me hugs that my adult guys are too far away to give often.