It's the little things

Maybe I'm just getting to that place in life where every day holds meaning, where life itself is not to be taken for granted, not for one minute. Or maybe I'm just sentimental and pleased by the little details. But I've been thinking about how God cares for the sparrows, and how sometimes we miss His love, His sense of humor, and His infinite care for us just because we don't take time to observe it. Some little things I've noticed lately that make me smile or show me that God cares about the things that worry me:

1. I found a store today "by accident" that carries products that I didn't know existed in my area. I knew of them online, but here was a person with knowledge I could talk to and perhaps help myself fix something that I've always wanted to see fixed.

2. I stopped at a different store yesterday to pick up a few items and stood in line to checkout. Unfortunately, the woman at the head of the line had a LOT of coupons and there was some confusion, inevitably holding up the line. The woman in front of me turned to me and said, "always happens on my lunch hour." So I asked where she worked. Turned out that she gave me some valuable information to help my mom, that I didn't expect or know I needed. All because I asked a question and "just happened" to decide I needed English Breakfast K-cups.

3. I was having a rather serious conversation on the phone the other day and glanced out the window while I listened. A squirrel was near the base of one of our trees eating a green apple and then tried climbing the tree while eating. It was truly a humorous sight. The squirrels love our apple tree, and the bunnies love our pansies. The squirrels also steal food from the neighbors trash, unless the neighbors are feeding them, as we've found bagels on our windowsill and donuts on our car mirror. These little discoveries always make me smile - even amid difficult discussions.

Sometimes it's the sunshine and clouds shining through the sunroof and the breeze making my hair look like I've just auditioned for a scary movie. Or maybe it's the way the sunset emblazons the sky with such a tapestry of color that I'm just sure God gave His paint palette to a young artist and said 'have at it.'

Other times it's enjoying the rich taste of dark chocolate and fresh strawberries, just because it tastes good. (Or my favorite bing cherry hot fudge sundae that I could eat nearly every night if it was good for me!)

Or it's coaxing a sick kitty to eat his pill disguised in food so he'll stay with you a few more years. Or dancing in the family room to music over the speakers or in your heart, just because you can.

It's joy in seeing a baby smile or coo during a church service and hoping one day you'll have grandchildren. It's listening to the kids in the backyard behind you and remembering when your backyard was the center of the neighborhood playtime.

God makes me smile in the roses my husband cuts from our bushes and in the "I love you's" from my kids. He reminds me that He knows what troubles me every time He answers a prayer I haven't yet remembered to pray. He shows me His great love for me when He allows me good times and bad. When I feel great and when I suffer pain, because I am reminded that my life isn't about me. It's about Him. And I'm so grateful that He chose to set His love on me, to think me worth more than sparrows.

He sees my angst when I worry about something I shouldn't. He speaks to my heart when I ask Him for wisdom.He gives me insight when I'm certain I will never understand. And He whispers hope to my heart when I'm most discouraged or sad. He renders the sadness useless and give me joy.

And most of the time He uses the little things to achieve that end. Like the neighbor who shares her food in thanks for some kind word or deed, or the person who holds the door for my handicapped mom. He speaks to me in the smiles of strangers, and He whispers His Word in my ear when I'm afraid. "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

He rejoices over me, over you. Because He made us. Because He loves us. And He wants us to love Him back by obeying Him, by giving Him our allegiance, our devotion, our very lives.

The little things point to Him. He is not far from any one of us, if we but seek Him.