I'm #not sure I can...

Randy and I went to a memorial service last night for a young man at our church who died suddenly this past week. He was 31. He knew my kids. And he had been to our house at least once, I think. We didn't know him well, but after listening to his memorial, I'm glad I'll get to see him again one day. One of the pastors who spoke at his service said that in the early days of Twitter, Craig started a saying that ended up as a hashtag #Craighasnever...eaten a strawberry...among other goofy things. (My memory of the details are hazy, but I assure you they were rated G.)

Besides making me think about the brevity of life, the things shared about Craig started my imagination churning to silly things as well. While I wouldn't steal the #hasnever hashtag, it occurred to me today that there are some things I'm not sure I could ever do.

Here are some of those whimsical thoughts:

I'm #notsureIcan ever again eat an apple without dipping it in chocolate.

I'm #notsureIcan trust Siri (on my iPhone) to take me to the right location after I offended her by saying she drives me crazy.

I'm #notsureIcan watch the ocean and not hear "I Hope You Dance" play in my head as the waves crash the shore.

I'm #notsureIcan think of California without fond memories and wishes for more.

I'm #notsureIcan forget the love and laughter of family and friends, though I'm pretty sure I hope to forget the sad times.

I'm #notsureIcan beat my sons at word games without them letting me win. (And I taught them English!)

I'm #notsureIcan outgrow the desire for sunshine on my shoulder.

I'm #notsureIcan love a season as much as I love Spring.

I'm #notsureIcan give up caffeine, or English Breakfast black tea. No sugar.

I'm #notsureIcan be more grateful than I am when I think of all of the blessings God has given me in Jesus.

Well...I could keep going but that's ten. How about you? What are you #notsureIcan?