If you've tried to contact me...

I made a frustrating discovery tonight. My email account - jill at jilleileensmith.com - does not filter correctly into my inbox. The way my email program is set up, the only place the emails go is to a big folder called "All Mail." The problem is, "All Mail" never "lights up" with an indication that I've got email! The inbox and all of the special filters I've created will show me when I receive a new message. But letters sent through the contact page to jill at jilleileensmith.com do not stand out. Therefore I often miss them. Especially if they do not have a specific subject line that might catch one of my filters. Sigh. I've spent the evening going through thousands of old emails back to early 2009 and found over 20 of them sent to me from readers of this blog or of my books. When someone writes to me and I actually receive the message, I always respond. But unfortunately, for some of you, I just now received your emails, some of which are over a year old! Please forgive my silence! I did not mean to ignore you, and over the next few days will work at answering them.

Thank you for your patience! I am honored to discover so many nice comments from readers! Almost like Christmas in August. :)

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