If you're looking for someone to do film work

It comes with the mom's manual when they're born that you get to brag on your kids when they grow up. So if you all will indulge me, I want to do a little bragging, a little promoting - mostly just getting the word out to anyone who might need to know... My kids have been involved in film (particularly my two oldest) since they could hold a video camera. Many a day passed with them recording all sorts of things from interviews to documentaries to stories they created. The desire for involvement in film never wavered, and they went on to film school, made a short film, shot and edited some music videos, and spent countless hours brainstorming and writing new stories. (Storytelling seems to be a family habit.)

Eventually, they moved to California where they have gathered more professional experience in various film settings. Chris, in particular, has worked in Motion Graphics and VFX, Cinematography, and Editing. He just launched a new website showcasing his work. Check it out here!

(Chris is also the graphic artist who designed this website.)

Part of his portfolio is a four-minute documentary he edited called "Jocelyn". This short is moving, well worth watching.

Chris works freelance and lives in the L.A. area. If you or someone you know is in need of a film work, feel free to pass Chris's site on to them. Contact him for further information.