If you could write your own prescription

what would you write? I'm not talking about drugs here. What if we could write our own prescription for happiness? What would yours look like?

Mine would include the following (not in any particular order):

1. Prayer - it's like breathing to me. If I could change it just a bit, I would love to sit at Jesus' feet and physically hear him speak (like Mary did). Ohhh....can you imagine? And get answers to my questions right away.

2. Laughter - don't you wish you could bottle it? I have this vision in my mind of my family around a dinner table where laughter runs freely. LOVE moments like that!

3. Music - where I could hear a new song from a new artist every day and fall in love with it.

4. Family - just being together!--and where moments take me by surprise and dreams for each person I love come true.

5. Restoration - in any form - from relationships to house projects. LOVE seeing things made new!

6. Treats - as in favorite foods and beverages - without calories or guilt! (Where chocolate is in the four basic food groups.)

7. Friends - ahh...the spice of life! Where everyone has at least one good friend. And I'm grateful for each one God gives to me.

8. Bike rides with God - or walks - like Adam and Eve had in the Garden before sin.

9. An end to all suffering - and evil and pain and everything bad in the world.

10. Rest - where we can just be and not always have to do.

11. A belated addition - Tiger! Animals! What was I thinking? Snuggling all kinds of animals. (Even when they are chewing the computer cord.)

12. Nature - one of my favorite places to be - minus bugs.

Of course, this prescription is kind of a wish list, and I don't have the power to make any of these ten things come true. But some of them are possible in less adventurous doses. I can pray more and laugh more and sing more and walk with God any time I want to because He promised to always be there for me. (Hebrews 13:5) The rest? Those are things mostly beyond my control. But I can pursue friendships, love family, seek restoration, enjoy the treats in moderation, and pray for the hurting. Resting in the hope of what's to come - when true happiness reigns.

How about you? What is your prescription for happiness here on earth?