Happy Birthday to my son!

IMG_2942Thirty years ago today, I held a beautiful baby boy in my arms. I still see his pictures in my mind's eye, even when I'm not perusing old photo albums. I think a mom takes pictures with her heart, not just her camera. About three weeks before he was born, we were sitting in church watching a Christmas pageant when it felt like God almost whispered his name in my ear. I leaned over to Randy and said, "If it's a boy, let's name him Christopher." And we did.

Our Chris was all boy, and yet carried a compassionate creative side to his personality. As a child, he spent hours playing in the sandbox or the pool or organizing street hockey. But he could as easily be entertained with Legos and video games and music. One thing I really miss with him not living here is the music that came from his guitar.

10396271_10205018845567585_8926607804251917823_nHe played high school basketball all the way to state finals, and spent a year between finishing his bachelor's degree in graphic design at film school. For years he assisted our widowed neighbor with any projects she could find for him, and she still tells me how much she appreciated him and misses him.

He knew early on in life that he wanted to make movies, and he and his older brother spent hours with our video camera or on the computer adding special effects to their short films. Today they are still pursuing that dream, while they also work their day jobs. I posted this here before, but Chris had a hand in the recent holiday Honda commercials featuring various toys. You can check them out here. (Search Honda Commercials for Jem, Stretch Armstrong, Gumby, and more.) In our opinion, he did a great job!

Today Chris lives and works in California, has found a wonderful girl and married her at the beginning of this year and we couldn't be happier! Now we have two daughters-in-love! For this mom and dad though, the distance between Michigan and California is mighty far. We are grateful for technology and enjoy chats over the webcam whenever time allows, but it just doesn't replace the in-person hugs. Chris's laughter is contagious, his tender heart comforting. As his parents, we count ourselves truly blessed to call him son.

Happy Birthday, Chris!