Happy Birthday!

Though he is out golfing today, I have to brag on my sweet hubby, Randy. Today is his birthday! And I've had the privilege of spending the past 36 years celebrating with him. We tend to stretch birthdays to last at least a week or two in this family. Last Friday night we celebrated with our son and daughter-in-law and my mom where we had some great food and lots of love and laughter. Later that evening we web chatted with one of our California guys, and web chatted with the other one the next day. So the birthday wishes are coming in, but they won't be over until we go out with some special friends - both husbands share the same birthdate.

And...I still have to get his birthday gifts! (Don't tell him, but I ordered them yesterday.) We've been rather busy of late, and both of us keep forgetting to plan these things!

But I'm just happy we get to celebrate another year together in reasonably good health. I  am honored to call him husband. And I bet if you asked any of his kids they would tell you he's a great dad. And he loves Jesus. What more could a girl want? He listens, he vacuums, he cleans, he's thoughtful, he's kind and cares about people.

Yep. He's the best. And he's mine. :) Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!