Apparently even on Christmas Day, hackers do not take a holiday. To my dismay, I found myself the brunt of their attack today when I discovered that my address book had been hijacked. Emails with weird links were sent out in my name to people I know and people I've lost contact with. If you were one of those people who have emailed me in the past and received one of those emails, please delete without opening. And please disregard anything you don't trust. I did not send them. To those who find pleasure in hacking into the accounts of others, I pray that God Himself will thwart your efforts, and that you will know a sense of true guilt in that what you are doing is not just unkind. It is wrong on so many levels.

But I also pray you will know His forgiveness, and that God's grace will rest on you. You have made me aware of my need for greater security on a day when I would have preferred to be more trusting.

Merry Christmas to all~