Food fascination...

I have always been fascinated by food. Not just the joy of eating something tasty, but the prep, the presentation, and the nutritional value of what we eat. I will admit, I have not always been great on the follow-through to this interest. Sometimes we eat healthy meals. Sometimes we eat mac and cheese or pizza. Hazard of these busy times. But my intentions have always moved in the direction of good nutrition. Recently, those intentions have been renewed and increased. During much of the past year, we have been trying to figure out some of the causes for some health issues we've been facing. If you have ever tried to get a diagnosis for one thing or another, you understand how frustrating the task can be. Sometimes it comes down to knowing our own bodies and paying attention to its warning signals, especially where food is concerned.

Through this process, I've spent time researching, looking for healthy ways of cooking and the best foods for eating. I'm looking forward to sprouting wheat berries for bread making, and am hoping to learn how to make my own flatbread as they did in Bible times. (An added bonus for research.) We've also been eating more variety of vegetables and making lots of salads each week. I found a website called The World's Healthiest Foods and bought their cookbook. (You can find it on Amazon.)

The recipes are really very simple, using only a few ingredients but paired to bring out the best flavors in the food. The writer said he only uses two main cooking utensils - a stainless steel steamer and a stainless steel 10" fry pan with a cover. I had neither, so I went to the store today to find them and got some good bargains on them!

So now my kitchen is prepped. Tomorrow I can start playing with the recipes to see whether they are as good as they sound. (The book makes me happy just looking at it - lots of pictures and very user-friendly. I already used some of my newfound knowledge to make my first-ever homemade salsa this week. (Not in this cookbook - modified from a recipe I found on the web.)

The salsa was a result of some tomatoes and peppers given to us by some friends whose garden was overflowing. So I chopped them with some onion and a fresh peach. Pretty good. But then I went to the market to buy the foods we could eat and found a Jalapeño pepper and some fresh cilantro. I have never used fresh Jalapeño in my life, but I knew it was in some of the salsas I buy. I bought a small one, but after cutting only half figured maybe that was enough.

Whew boy! Definitely enough!

My tongue remembers the burning sensation long after the salsa has been enjoyed. Long-lasting pleasure? As one who prefers "mild" flavors, this was a step over to the wild side! But I honestly think I might like it here. Tangy tartness is rather good!

One thing is sure, where food is concerned, less is more. Less overcooking leads to more nutrition. And fresh really does taste best!


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