Fall musings...

My son reminded me today that the holidays are almost upon us. I would normally get a warm feeling about that or perhaps, more realistically, I might panic realizing how little time I have left to buy gifts, finish/polish Sarai, due in five weeks, and get the house ready for the new carpet coming in two weeks. Planning house project right before Thanksgiving probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done... But today, the way my head feels (fighting a cold) none of it seems all that realistic or important. Maybe I can just float in this tired la-la land for a while...the weather definitely isn't helping. The sky looks like snow, and I hear it is predicted, mixed with rain, for tomorrow. Or was it today? I forget...

I had great intentions when I woke up this morning (early) - planned to do some painting in prep for the carpet, bake, chat with a friend on Skype, do laundry, and finish my third read-through of Sarai. I did pretty well, considering - everything except the painting. I sanded a spot on a window that I need to touch up but then decided I would open the paint can later, when I was ready to do more jobs than just one.

So now I'm sitting here with Tiger sprawled across my lap, the fire going in the fireplace beside me, watching the leaves dance in the maple trees out back. Pumpkin/banana bread is baking in the oven - a new recipe that I hope we like, and I should probably start dinner. I'm preparing a surprise for my son for his birthday next week. (Don't tell him.) :)

Bathsheba's bookmarks came today! I love looking at the cover! I mentioned this before, but if anyone of my readers or influencers would like some bookmarks, please contact me with your name and address and how many you would like. I'm making a list and will send them out sometime in December. I will be getting new bookmarks for Michal in another week or so too, so if you'd like those as well, please let me know.

What I really should do right now is pop in a DVD and just stare at the TV the rest of the night. Why is it men can do this when they're sick, but women always feeling like they should be doing something? I know, that's a generalization and probably a little unfair, but from my experience, that seems to be the way of things. No offense to the men in my life! Perhaps women just can't give up that need to nurture everyone - most often everyone but themselves.

Today, my body needs a little pampering...boy does that pumpkin/banana bread smell good!

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