Fall and such...

It has come to my attention that Fall is here. Rather unannounced too. Just one day knocked on the door and there it stood in all its flaming color and cool crisp air. Summer wasn't all that happy at the intrusion, and here in Michigan has actually shoved Fall aside some of the time. I don't think Summer has had her last fling just yet. IMG_2826I used to dread Fall because...well...Winter is such a nasty six-letter word with its ice and snow and endless cloudy days. (And of course, Winter tags along on Fall's heels.) Last year Winter had to go and show off that she could give us the worst (translate that biggest) snowfall on record in this beleaguered state. Truth is the pot holes in some of cities still haven't recovered, and I daresay the upcoming cold could turn our streets into mini mine fields where cars can sink and tires are easy prey.

IMG_4262But...despite what's coming, I don't dread Fall like I used to because all kinds of good foods and flavors accompany the season, like apples and cinnamon and pumpkin and we even lit our first fire in the fireplace this week. I've made some amazingly tasty new dishes like baklava nut mix (right) and raw oatmeal date cookies (left), along with chicken chili and some flavorful salads. (Healthy eating is still my goal, even if coffee and chocolate get thrown in there.)

Fall makes dew tickles the senses and the leaves turn such vibrant colors. It's the end of things and the beginning of things. It's a time of busy days around our house. School started so Randy is back to teaching. (Tiger does not approve of sharing his dad every day with the kids at school as he thinks Randy's sole purpose in life is to snuggle him or take him outside.)

I joined a weekly Bible study at church this Fall where some friends already attended. It's fun to have that added connection with them and to make new friends who pray for each other as well as study God's Word.

IMG_2822Amid juggling life, which takes me all sorts of places, I am working on two books at once at the moment. Page proofs for The Crimson Cord, Rahab's Story came last week, and I am in the final stages of editing Deborah's story. With Deborah's story I'm at that critical moment where the characters are fresh in my mind, and I'm attempting to add deeper emotion to their thoughts. But page proofs have a short turnaround, so I also have to read through them at the same time or I won't make my October 8th deadline. (Can you tell Tiger is impressed with my homework?)

So I read 30 pages of The Crimson Cord each day and edit two chapters of Deborah's story. So far, so good. I even managed a four or so mile bike ride today.

But getting up early, waking in the night sometimes to pray, and all this beautiful fresh Fall air has me ready to crash by supper time! I keep looking at the clock and wondering how it is only seven or eight at night when my body is telling me its bedtime!

This is why God invented coffee. And there is nothing better on a cool Fall morning than a hot cup of the brew (or of English Breakfast tea). Which would you choose?