Early summer, anniversaries, and such...

CIMG0638My lilacs are in full bloom and the weather here has bypassed spring and decided to grace us with summer a month early. According to Google, the weather where my sons are in Los Angeles is the way it is supposed to be here right now. Perhaps the maps are confused...speaking of confused, did anyone see the pictures of the hail-that-thought-it-was-snow in Colorado? Maybe the skies are confused... Yet God is not the author of confusion, so I know He knows what He is doing and allowing. One has to wonder though, what in the world is going on sometimes.

My days are moving faster than they should, but I often feel that way. Right now I'm sitting on my porch enjoying the evening. There is a definite connection between the sun and me. We get along much better than we used to, though I have a healthy respect for its rays. Fair skin has to be careful, but sunshine in general makes my heart glad.

Some other reasons for gladness came last week. Randy and I celebrated 33 years of marriage. That same day I heard some great news from my agent and my publisher, which I soon hope to share with you all! Details are forthcoming! A little hint...more books are in the works!

To celebrate, Randy and I went out to dinner to a restaurant that we normally could not afford - at least not on a regular basis. But of course, anniversaries are once-a-year celebrations. So we got dressed up and went out. The waiter spoke fast, so you had to listen well. The menu was mostly a la cart, but we opted for the dinner package. Best Filet Mignon I've ever tasted! Of course, it was sizzling in butter...I didn't ask how many calories...Turned out that Randy's Ribeye wasn't quite as good, though he would not have complained. The waiter noticed the gristle left on the plate and ordered him a new steak - a filet this time. We took it home. Then they took the price of the meal off the bill! So we got to celebrate on a budget in style. :)

CIMG0617The rest of the weekend saw more eating out with family and friends. (Whatever happened to my diet?) Then last night we got to reconnect with friends from South Carolina who were here for a visit. Kathy and I have been friends since Jr. High, I think. A forever friend and a prayer partner. One of God's many blessings.

The kitties have been enjoying the sunshine too and sneak out every chance they get. Though here I caught them napping. It's so hard to stay awake in the daytime when nights are so much more fun. They race around the house at bedtime, as though the day had just begun. Yawn...I don't think so guys.

We've got lots to do to this weekend to prepare for new windows we're getting next week. Our current windows are older than our kids. Definitely time to replace them. I can't believe it's June next week. Soon it will be time to work on edits for Bathsheba. At the end of June, I should be able to share the cover! I can't wait!

Sarai's story is at 76k words with about 15k or so to go. My goal was to finish the first draft by June. Now I'll be happy if I'm done by the end. I'm hoping for at least a month break before edits begin, but one never knows.

I'm learning a lot about life these days, about being a mom and letting go. This having adult kids is so different than having little ones, yet a mom's heart remains the same. Love has no age limit. It only grows deeper with time.

The lilacs smell so good tonight, and the sun is slowly setting. I love it when God paints the sky in flaming shades of orange and red. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow...the mosquitoes have shooed me inside.