E-book Deals and more

SampleAugust is a big month for specials for The Wives of the Patriarchs series. Right now Rachel is available for a limited time in e-book format for $1.99 on Kindle and Nook, and $1.59 ebook at CBD.com. Kindle is also running a deal on Rebekah and Sarai, though Amazon got the dates mixed up. (They are not on sale in Nook or at CBD at these low prices.) This could affect how long the sale runs on Amazon, so if you want them on Kindle or know someone who does, don't wait! I intended to announce these to my newsletter subscribers (newsletters are set to go) but with the Amazon mixup, I'm not sure they are accurate. So I'm posting it here, and when things are figured out, I will hopefully, be able to let everyone know.

Rahab CoverIn the meantime, I received galley edits for The Crimson Cord, Rahab's Story this past week. I'm looking forward to diving into work on them tomorrow. I received the nicest endorsement for this book from New York Times bestselling author Liz Curtis Higgs this past week. (It's been an exciting time!) She said:

"Rahab's story is one of the most moving redemption accounts in Scripture. The Crimson Cord perfectly captures all the drama of the original, fleshing out the characters with care and thought, and following the biblical account every step of the way. Jill's thorough research and love for God's Word are both evident, and her storytelling skills kept me reading late into the night. A beautiful tale, beautifully told!" Liz Curtis Higgs New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night

I can't wait to share Rahab's story with you!

In other thoughts, we have a thief in our garden, and I suspect there is more than one. I caught one squirrel red-handed...er...would that be red-pawed?..with a neighbor's tomato in his mouth. He was on the way up our very tall tree when the neighbor's cat bounded across the yard straight for him. That tomato was quickly dropped as he scampered out of reach. I will say I've missed out on at least one cucumber and one tomato of our own. Little scoundrels!

I sat in on a teleconference call today with a teacher in Israel. I am part of a group made up mostly of Jewish women, who are reading the Tehillim (the Psalms) out loud each day. When asked in a survey how this has helped me, I told the group that the Psalms, particularly reading them aloud, has enriched my prayer life. As I'm reading out loud, the words suddenly seem more real, and they become a springboard for my own prayers for all of the needs of the people I know and love. And in giving thanks to God for all He has done for us already. If you are interested in joining, contact Laurie Young at coachlaurie at outlook.com.

And on a completely random note - I have discovered that I like hot spicy peppers. If you know me, you know that I normally cook with little spice and when we do go in for Mexican or other spicier dishes, I reach for the mild sauces. Well, I had a thought pop into my mind yesterday to research online whether peppers held any healing properties. (Don't ask me why I thought that - except that I have been praying for wisdom in regard to diet and health.) Anyway, come to find out they do! But...would I really like cayenne pepper on popcorn? Hmm...

Lo and behold, the answer - after getting used to the tasty burning sensation - was yes. I sprinkled it on my salad today and on some unsalted potato chips this afternoon. I think I'm becoming a fan!

So there you have my week. Please feel free to share the sales deals! And I'd appreciate prayer as I get through edits of The Crimson Cord and a multitude of other things in my life. I pray God's blessings on all of you!