Details, details...

Sometimes I drive myself crazy with the little things. Details matter, especially in writing historical fiction. Which, of course, means research, as I've mentioned before. Most of those are easily solved. Either the fact is found or the scene rewritten. No major problems, most of the time. Today as I have been reading through Rebekah's first draft, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not paid nearly enough attention to the age of two of my characters. Both of them were briefly mentioned in Sarai, and I thought to continue to use them in relation to Isaac in the next book. But as I read through some of the scenes, I realized that I had an age discrepancy.

Now on the one hand, the age isn't too worrisome because people lived longer, married later, and had kids at older ages than we do today. So having a man marry for the first time when he is around 60 really isn't a big deal. But...that wasn't the age I had pictured him to be. (Timelines are not my strong suit - but thankfully, my editor catches those things.)

On the other hand, I don't want my editor to have to be the one to point this out. Especially when it's now glaring at me, daring me to fix this somehow. Do I keep these two characters the same at their older ages, or do I create knew ones that might fit the story just as well?

It's tempting to leave these characters the same, but then again...Maybe I will let my critique partner give me her opinion first.

In the meantime, I finished galleys on Sarai, and should receive page proofs in two weeks. I am desperately trying to finish the word-count-cutting-and-scene-fixing on Rebekah during that time. Halfway done! So it should be I don't run into any more little annoying details like this again!