Desserts, booksigning and other stuff...

It's been a busy week! My mom and I finally got to have lunch together for my birthday this past Tuesday. We'd wanted to go out on the day but I was sick, then the following week she didn't feel good. We finally both felt great and enjoyed lunch at Applebees. Of course, chocolate mousse dessert was one of the necessary things a girl just needs sometimes... Although...since I also had dinner out Monday night with a friend I hadn't seen in months, there was that whole dessert thing too I should have avoided. I did manage to bring home half (or a little less) to Randy. :) And on Friday I had lunch out again with a friend, though we were both good this time and only had soup and salad. (We won't count the cannolis Randy surprised me with later that night, or the chocolate cake he bought today...)

Needless to say, we've been eating out a lot lately, and there is more to come this week, though it is tapering off. I figure everyone needs to take at least a month to celebrate a birthday. We have to wait a whole year for them to come around again, so why not?

Saturday was my booksigning at Family Christian Stores in Troy, Michigan. They had a nice set-up on the table, complete with balloons. The first hour was pretty slow, so I did a bit of browsing in the store while Randy sat near the table. I found a new Bible that was more exciting to me than anything else I did that day. I love the feel of the leather and it's going to be great breaking it in. Our church uses the ESV now and my only copy was on my Kindle. (I don't like the Kindle for research - and in truth, I still prefer paperbacks in general, but that's another topic.)

What I really wanted was a new NIV (c) 1984 with center reference guide and glossary and maps like my favorite Bible that is falling apart. Unfortunately, I cannot find one like my original anywhere! So I thought to have mine recovered, and maybe I still will, but for now, I bought the new ESV and am going to see if we can glue the torn places on my current NIV version. I hate sending it off to have it repaired. Feels like I'm sending a kid away to school!

The booksigning picked up the second hour and I enjoyed chatting with everyone who came by. Thanks to all who did! I met a couple of aspiring young writers who are also book reviewers. One is aiming at writing suspense and the other fantasy. I wish them success in all they do! Toward the very end as I was packing up a man came in and bought six books! The weather had kept some people away at first - it was raining. But the rain turned to snow, and later when Randy and I came out of a store at a local mall, we were blasted with the sticky, cold white stuff.

Have I mentioned how ready I am for Spring? Hmm...We ended up with 1-2 inches last night, but today the sun is out and it melted some of it.

My author copies of Bathsheba came this week too, which was exciting, as always! I can now package some of them up and mail them to contest winners and my mom can finally have her copy. The book is dedicated to her and my dad. They were the first people to encourage and inspire my writing.

I have much to be thankful for - one of which is a sweet kitty who just hopped up on my lap. He's good company on cold days.