Crazy Monday

I'm beginning to think that Mondays and me aren't meant to work together. Last week, Monday, I cried half the day. No good reason. Just lonely and it was rainy and I stayed home all day. The rest of the week was so busy, I don't know what I was complaining about! Well, today is Monday again. I should have expected trouble when Randy left for work, and a few minutes later, Tiger hopped up on the bed. Randy normally makes sure Tiger is not in the room when he leaves. Tiger cannot be trusted to let people sleep, and I still had 30 minutes! (6 a.m. when the alarm goes off is also not on my personal rising radar.)

Well, Tiger seemed pretty pleased with himself. He walked casually up to my pillow, danced around my head, then decided I was just another thing to walk on. Once he was settled on my chest, he thought I made a good pillow. To his credit, he was quiet until I moved my hand from under the covers. Then he started licking one hand until he decided, he really didn't want to be snuggled, and I was rather boring.

Later, as I tried to eat breakfast, Tiger showed up again and kept trying to play with my vitamins. I had just finished reading today's day in Jesus Calling and read the verse that ends "each day has enough trouble of its own." I wonder if Jesus said that on a Monday.

After enjoying a long snuggle playtime with Tiger, I tossed him gently off my lap and went to do laundry and clean the dishes. I was nearly done with the dishes when my elbow caught one of our glasses. Shattered glass sprayed the kitchen floor. I had not planned to wash it today. But sometimes our best laid plans make other plans.

The day has had its share of interruptions and craziness, but I did manage to get my word count on Rahab done. I'm up to 50K on the first draft! And I'm up to 21 minutes on the elliptical, at a faster, more intense pace than I could a few weeks ago when I could barely do ten minutes slowly.

I was feeling pretty good about it all, except for all of the eating out this weekend that made me gain instead of lose those last five or so pounds before the wedding in August. Why is it that when we lose two pounds, we think cheating is okay so it comes right back? My workout today took off those two Dove chocolate pieces I ate while typing though. :)

Tonight I'm having dinner out with a friend, but I promise to make healthy choices. And amidst cleaning up the glass and dealing with the cats and more, I managed to throw dinner in the crockpot for my guys. Tomorrow's lunch for me!

Revell sent me the marketing titling questionnaire for Naamah this afternoon, so I'm busily working on that. I can't believe they are already working on Summer 2014 releases! So hopefully, that e-book will be out by next year. (Along with Rachel in February.)

Whew! It's been a crazy Monday, but that's okay. I'd rather be busy and interrupted most of the time than bored. I'm not sure I like the sound of the ice hitting my window right now though. Hope it's just rain and not what it sounds like. Wait a minute - it rained last Monday too. Reminds me of a Carpenter's song about rainy days and Mondays...