Calling influencers - and other thoughts

I've taken a bit of a break from the computer this week to enjoy the company of one of my sons who came home for a visit from California. What a wonderful, unexpected blessing to get to spend some time with him! I have always treasured the moments God gives with my kids. When they were small, I told myself not to wish the days away (even the difficult ones) because they would go quickly enough as it was! I find myself continuing that sentiment. Love the moments, enjoy even the smallest blessings. They will grow into precious memories someday, and build on good relationships for the future. Of course, when vacations come along, daily routines get disrupted, and there are a few things I discovered I need to keep better track of. Makes me wish I could afford to hire an assistant, but in the meantime, I need to make better use of Google Calendar or find a different calendar and keep a daily to-do list again. The advent of everything electronic has made me forgo the pen and paper planners, but I still keep calendars on the wall. Sometimes I mark one and not the other. Ever have that problem? If one doesn't have it or I look in the wrong place, I might miss something. Never something vital, as those are etched in my brain, but the little peripheral stuff. Ah well...I will figure something out.

I got the final version of Rebekah's cover last night and can't wait to share it! I believe it should be posted on Amazon and other online stores sometime this summer, possibly end of June or early July, so I will just have to wait. But I will say this is one of my favorite covers yet! Revell's art department is the best! I absolutely love this one! Rebekah was probably the hardest book I have ever written, but I think, perhaps, it might be a stronger story for the struggle. I hope so.

In the meantime, I am putting together my influencer's list for Rebekah and may have a couple of openings. If you love biblical fiction and are willing to promote my work word of mouth to your friends and family, please email me (through the contact page) your name and address. I only have a few slots available, so they will be filled on a first come basis. If you are a book reviewer, please do not respond to this. Reviewers can receive copies through Revell for the blog tour next year. This is for readers who love to promote the work - assuming the story is one that pleases, of course.

NOTE: If you know you are already on my influencers' list and would like to continue, please let me know. If you have moved and have an address change, I need that too.

I finished the first draft of Rachel (working title) and am trying to cut several thousand words before I send it off to my critique partner, Jill Stengl. I can't wait to see what she thinks. First drafts are the toughest to write, and there will be several more rewrites yet to come.

Next week I will take a look at more behind the scenes stories for Sarai and perhaps go back to explore some from the Wives of King David too, in weeks to come. If you have a question you'd liked answered here about the books or about writing, please let me know. I'd be happy to answer it if I can.