Booksigning and other stuff...

This morning I signed copies of Bathsheba and some of Michal and Abigail at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan. The signing was fun and went well. I am most grateful for such great support of my work! It was also the first chance I got to hold a copy of Bathsheba! My first copy was shipped from my editor last week, but the mail must be slow because it still hasn't arrived. With the snow we are getting tonight and President's Day tomorrow, I probably won't see my first copy until Tuesday or later. But at least I got to see its printed form, which was fun! Also last Friday, my acquisitions editor accepted the manuscript for Sarai, which is book one in the next series, due out next year. So now I'm back to writing the first draft of Rebekah's story. After church today, one of the pastors allowed me to do a little research using his library. I needed to double (and triple) check a scriptural point, which will affect how I write the story and I didn't have all of the resources I needed. His knowledge and the commentaries in his library were most helpful and much appreciated!

I have a kitty laying on my lap right now, purring and happy we are home. In the meantime, the cold I had last week feels like it is trying to resurface. I must have had one too many chocolates this weekend. Back to soup and tea for a few days - and praying it doesn't get worse! The weather changes around here aren't helping. Two days ago we were in the 50s and all the snow melted. Tonight we're getting a winter storm, which will pile it all back up again. I am very ready for Spring!

We had dinner out with friends last night to celebrate my birthday - great food at Red Lobster and the chocolate cake Randy had baked last week (we had frozen it). And now I'm sitting here praying that the icy part of the storm does not happen, and that those we love that are out in it will get home safely!


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