Book reviews, Super Moon, and swings...

Bathsheba has hit the blog tours this past week, receiving some very kind comments. If you are interested in reading some of them, they are posted on Book Reviews by Molly, My Scrappy Life, and Cornhusker Academy. Thanks to all of you! In other news...last night Randy and I watched the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale. A wonderful story, though it made me cry! I love true stories or fictional accounts of historical events. I suppose that explains one more reason why I write what I do.

After the movie, Randy watched the news and saw the story about Super Moon. Curiosity led us to put on our coats and go outside. (It was the last day of winter, but it's still cold here.)

The view with the naked eye is always better than anything a photograph can capture. The moon was brighter than any I have ever seen, clear enough to see the shadows and craters. In truth, it looked like a black and white globe of earth with its continents and oceans. We tried several shutter speeds on the camera trying to capture it without it looking like a dot of white on black (which did happen in a few of the shots). The actual photo of this smaller version shows more of the tree and the roof of the house, but my website did not allow for such a large file size. After a zillion tries, I finally got it small enough to upload! But it still looks pretty good, I think.

In other thoughts...Sometimes it takes a sunny day and a swing set and time alone with the Lord to bring a better perspective. Last week, I did just that. I awoke one morning feeling blue despite the unseasonably (and most welcome) warm weather and knew the only way to figure out what was wrong was to spend some time alone with God. Frustration and anger and fear and insecurity can easily turn into depression if I do not deal with the reasons behind the emotions, if I don't dig deeper into why I feel the way I do. Often, when I finally do discover the cause, I also see a connection to something I'm writing, but that does not help me enjoy the process or the pain. No one enjoys negative emotions, but it is in learning to be honest with God that I've found the greatest healing and intimacy in knowing His heart and mine as well.

So that difficult morning I did a lot of praying, then went for a walk and worshiped as I listened to music, swung on the swings at the park with the abandon and freedom of a child (well almost), and basked in the kiss of the sun on my face. I love it when I take time to be alone with Jesus. I dare to think He enjoys it too. Somehow the trials are bearable and the joys sweeter after such honesty.

May your week ahead be filled with wonder and awe in God's creation, and may you know true intimacy in your honesty with Him.