Bathsheba on Inspys 2011 Long List!

The Inspys - the bloggers award for excellence in faith-driven literature - has posted their 2011 Long List of nominees for the Inspy Award on their website here. Bathsheba is on the list in the Romance section - so, yay! Thank you to whoever nominated it! The Short List will be announced October 1, 2011 and the winners December 12, 2011.

In the meantime...

I went to Greek Town in Detroit with my editor, Lonnie Hull Dupont, this past Monday where we ate at Pegasus, and I tasted some authentic Greek food for the first time. Since Lonnie is familiar with Greek fare, she chose several dishes for us to try - all of them were really good! We topped things off later at a Starbucks closer to my house. Great fellowship. Good times!

The next few days were really rainy, which turned out to be a good motivator for staying inside and writing. I am getting closer to the end of this current story...every day inching my way along. I really do prefer the editing process to the first drafting process. But, discovering the story as I go and getting to know the characters is fun. Teeth-pulling, slow-as-molasses fun, but still...

While I stayed out of the rain on Wednesday, I ended up running errands in the downpours on Thursday. Fortunately, it stopped long enough for me to get groceries into the car without getting drenched.

Today, some of my cousins and 90-year-old uncle came to see my parents at the nursing home, a family gathering that will probably not happen again this side of heaven. There were some very touching moments that I will treasure always.

Tonight Randy and I stopped at a local greenhouse nursery and picked up some vegetables to plant in our garden. We haven't planted a garden in several years, and this year we have baby bunnies and birds and baby squirrels in our backyard, so I hope the plants survive. I wonder if there will be any lettuce on the stems by Monday when we plant them!

The real trick will be to see whether or not I can remember to water the garden and keep it weeded. A green thumb I do not possess. But Randy does! So there is hope. :)