Another wedding!

IMG_8678Our 4th of July this year carried all the hoopla our neighbors could invent (and then some), with fireworks shooting off in front and behind our house. But the bigger event in our lives came when we could finally tell the world the news - our son is getting married! We knew several weeks before that July 4th was going to be the big day he would "pop the question," but announcements weren't ready to go out until the day. This time we were not there to watch, as we were when our youngest threw a surprise engagement party for his bride, but we got in on plenty of the fun, even from long distance. (We got a sneak peek at the engagement ring that our Chris designed himself!) And it looks beautiful on Molly's finger.

The backdrop of some of their first photos is Big Sur along Highway 1 in California. Beautiful spot! Randy and I took that drive in 2012 and though we only saw Big Sur from the road, it is as beautiful as they claim.

IMG_3940Of course, now the fun begins for the bride and groom and the family and bridal party and wedding planner. With four states involved (family is coming from all directions), this is going to be a whirlwind year. As mother of the groom, however, my biggest job will likely be to find a dress and shoes that are classy and comfortable. (Do they make such a thing?)

I've never attended a destination wedding before, and I'm fairly certain there will be a lot more involved than I realize right now. Which is why I'm hoping to get a good handle on all of the writing projects way ahead of time, lest my brain go off to Ancient Egypt when my body is sitting in Virginia!

I am also looking forward to having another daughter in the family--though I do wish they weren't going to be living so far away. Hard to plan a shopping trip very often or a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law coffee date. But I have high hopes for those infrequent visits we'll share. And FaceTime is a good way to appease the longings of this mother heart. Temporarily.

In the meantime, I'm working on the third e-book novella about Solomon's Egyptian princess. (Thus my mind being lost in Ancient Egypt right now.)

I can't wait to see what God has for our future. Every day is a new adventure!