Ahh spring...

What a gorgeous day today! Could not escape the blue skies and sunshine (who would want to?) so I took my iced tea and laptop outside, and settled into the lounge chair to write. The first draft to Rebekah's story is coming along, though I expect to do a lot of double-checking and rewriting once I'm finished. The interesting thing I'm beginning to notice about this story is how the characters must deal with the interpersonal drama and conflict with the people they interact with - real people whom they likely knew, though my interpretation of what they were like is subjective. Still, what greater conflict do any of us face than in the way we relate to other people? We might say we love the world, even attempt to do good to everyone we know, but we will still face the conflict with people in one form or another. 1 John 3:18 says, "Dear children, let us not just say that we love one another, let us really love them and show it by our actions." (Paraphrased) If loving was easy, John would not have had to write about it so much. (Read the whole book of 1 John - great thoughts on love.) Unlike John, Snoopy would have balked at such loving ideals. His struggle with the people in his life came through loud and clear when he said - "I love mankind, it's people I can't stand!" Ah Snoopy...honest dog.

I suspect Isaac and Rebekah had a few people in their life they had trouble loving too. (The Bible mentions Esau's wives as one that caused them a lot of grief as an example.) But exploring their story is a challenge, and one I hope to do justice.

At the same time, I am enjoying every moment of this weather. The windows have been open all day, and after supper I went for a bike ride to the park, then came home and did a little hoeing in the soon-to-be-planted garden. Several years ago Randy built an area for the garden, but during the past three to five years or so we have been too busy to maintain it. But this year I am looking forward to some fresh, home-grown produce! And maybe a few flowers in the pots besides.

We have some baby bunnies that have taken shelter under a wood pile in the neighbor's yard, and they poke their little bodies out now and then. They are probably only about six inches in length - at least in their sitting pose. Tiger stuck his body halfway through the fence trying to find their nest. We were surprised he could wiggle through! He is not a skinny kitty! But thankfully, we caught him before he got lost beneath the wood.

As I've driven around town this week, I'm starting to notice all the trees in bloom. Sunshine makes all of the colors pop, and makes me smile. There is something life-giving about spring, something refreshing and it just reminds me all the more how great God is. He is an astounding Creator! Who can deny His brilliance? I see Him in the plants and animals, in the blue skies and star-lit nights. I hear Him in birdsong - so many different tunes they sing! I sense His joy in all of spring's newness. I can only imagine what He has created for us in the future, in the new heaven and earth. If this one is so awesome, a perfect world can only be better, brighter.

The joy of spring makes the joy of work, of writing, homemaking, gardening, and whatever our hands find to do more alive. If only this season lasted all year! But then maybe I would appreciate it less...