Abigail's Romantic Times Review

Abigail RT Review Ever since I heard that Abigail had received a 4-star review from Romantic Times Magazine, I've been trying to get my hands on a copy to read the review. I've stopped in at my local Barnes & Noble three times, but the newest edition just hasn't come in yet. (Maybe this weekend, I hope!)

Today, as I worked at taking down the last of the Christmas tree ornaments, first the doorbell rang with UPS dropping off my author copies of Abigail! So fun to see a whole box of them! Now my mom can finally read it. (She doesn't know it yet though.) :) For anyone wanting an early copy of the book, which wasn't going to release until February 1, you can go to Amazon and order it now. They have it in stock already!

Anyway, after I got the box of books opened, I checked my email to find a message from the publicity assistant at Revell. She asked me if I'd seen the great review in RT (Romantic Times) and I told her I hadn't, but sure wanted to! So she scanned the page and sent it to me. And here it is!

They got the book number wrong. Abigail is book two, not book one, but with words like "phenomenal" and "excellent" I'm not complaining! It's a great review and I'm most grateful. I hope the rest of my readers enjoy the book as well.