Abigail in Dutch!

I found out today from my publisher that Stichting Het Zoeklicht, an organization based in the Netherlands, has officially signed a contract for a Dutch-language edition of  Abigail. Woo hoo! Of course, it won't come out right away, and I might not see a copy for a year or two, but the news is still pretty fun.

I received page proofs for Sarai yesterday, and have until October 5th to get them back to my editor. We are ahead of schedule, though, so that's good. This will be my final read-through of the book before it sees print.

In the meantime, my critique partner is reading Rebekah for me. Word coming from her is positive so far, so I am encouraged. She is the first person who reads my work, and I am certain each story is better because of her input. Of course, sometimes her suggestions mean more rewriting, but it's worth it in the end. :)

Next week I'll be heading to St. Louis for the American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference. This is the highlight of my career year, one of the few chances we have as authors to come together in person. Most communication is done by email, so it is really nice to see everyone in person. And it is a great time to meet with people from Revell, my publisher and Books & Such, my agency.

In the meantime, I've been running lots of errands, spending time talking to neighbors, friends, and family and catching up on personal research - like where can I buy a lavender sachet?..or perusing an online art gallery...or looking for a used car - that kind of thing. And of course, I'm still trying new recipes to learn a healthier way of cooking, but there is also a part of me that craves pizza and coconut mocha frappuccinos from Starbucks. Why did they have to get rid of my favorite treat just because Fall is coming? They brought back salted caramel hot chocolate though, so I suppose I should be appeased. I miss those coconut frappuccinos though...

I just finished a few new novels I need to post about soon. Right now I'm reading Pompeii by T.L. Higley. Intriguing!


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