A matter of the heart - a prayer

Matthew 19 ver & pic
Matthew 19 ver & pic

Oh Adonai Tzva'ot, Lord of Hosts, our world is hurting tonight. I know you see. You are not unaware of the uprising in Turkey or the anguish in France or the grief in Dallas and so much more. You know many of us are afraid, Lord. Afraid that terror will strike again. That evil is gaining too much of an upper hand and we, in our humanity, do not have the strength to destroy or stop it.

Because the truth is, evil isn't just an outer force that can be wiped out by mighty weapons. It is an inner matter of the human heart.

And so tonight, I pray that you might comfort those who love you and reveal your love to those who don't know you yet. Because we need you, Heavenly Father. We have gone our own way and we desperately need to come running back to you. We need you in every crevice of our society--in all of the places where we have asked you to leave. We need you in the hearts of our leaders and lay people all across this world.

Because if our hearts do not change, our world cannot change.

Sometimes change on any level seems impossible. And pride keeps us from admitting our need of you.

But what is impossible with us, is most definitely possible with you.

Oh, Adonai, we as a people, as the human race, have lost our way. And we can't find our way out of the pits we're digging without your help. We need you, Lord. I need you.

I can't fix Turkey or France or Dallas or Orlando or the dozens, maybe hundreds of other places where evil is reigning or ruining our peace, our hope, our sense of what it means to be human.

I can't change a single human heart. Not even my own. But you can.Because you CAN do the impossible.We desperately need you to do the impossible now. Not just to free us from evil but to change us from the inside out.

Please give us the desire to invite you back in. Remind us that the human spirit may be strong, but it is only truly good when it is right with you. And only you can do what we cannot.

May every heart across this land, across the world, find its rest in you alone. Selah~ #godoftheimpossible #liveloveprayhope #redemptionwins