A day I will never forget

Twenty-nine years ago I was in the hospital. By this time in the day, I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, our second born. His birth was not an easy Cesarian, but then I'm not sure any surgery is easy! I can say with all the love and pride of a mom who endured some pain in the process, it was worth every minute to have this son. There are so many memories, so many joyous moments he has given us over the years. In my mind's eye, I can still see him as a toddler, traipsing after his big brother. What a pair they made - and later, when he became a big brother himself - we had three ninja turtles wishing for a fourth! (Three had to do!)

I look out my window, now absent of children, and still see in memory the sandbox where all three of them created whole cities with the neighborhood kids, or the pool (now gone) where tons of laughter and antics took place. I look at the street and see two hockey nets and him skating and pushing that puck around with everyone willing to play.

Proud and humble moments filled me as I watched him on stage leading worship and remembered the little boy who loved "Tell Me the Story of Jesus." There were years of basketball games where he played hard to win, and now works even harder to reach his dreams. I love the way his eyes light up when he is on set, and cannot even count the hours he and his brother poured over scripts, played with the movie camera, and sat at the computer tweaking homemade films over and over again until they were just right.

Guitars and Legos and action figures and animals all flood my thoughts as I look back on this son's early years. He was rough and tumble and yet gentle and compassionate. And as the years have come and gone, I look into his eyes now with such gratitude for his life, for the man God created him to be, for the privilege of being his mom. Nothing in life compares to the joy of having wonderful sons. Moms of sons tend to feel protected and cherished, at least that has been my experience.

I only wish I could spend part of this day with him in person. After all, I got to be there that first day! And many gooey-caked, birthday party days after.

Happy Birthday, Chris!