10 reasons I should have been a cat

This morning as I sat down to breakfast, Tiger put his paw on the window blind and tapped it as he looked at me, as if to say, "Open, please." Of course, I did. He has a back yard to watch, after all. At night, he has this habit of flopping on the floor and laying on his back. One look tells you he wants a belly rub. This is when I start to wonder if he is part puppy. Shadow is Tiger's opposite in personality, and just as much trouble. Last night Randy was painting something in the basement and Shadow was hassling him for his snack. He got too close and put one paw in the green paint. He wouldn't let us wash it off, so he has a partially painted toe. He seems pretty smug about it too.

In any case, they do manage to keep us entertained, and there are times I think I wouldn't mind having their life, even if only for a day! My ten reasons why:

1. Fur is always in style.

2. Whiskers are not something you dread as you age.

3. People laugh at your antics.

4. The littlest things can entertain.

5. Contentment is daily.

6. Exercise is play not drudgery.

7. Maid service is a given.

8. Cuteness covers any amount of trouble.

9. Massages are frequent and free.

10. Nap attacks are expected.

I can just imagine what these furry persons would say if roles were reversed and they were me. Ten reasons why they should have been human? :)