Author Corner in Christian Retailing

At the ACFW Conference in September, Christian Retailing Magazine did interviews with a number of fiction authors. We were handed a list with five questions to answer: 1. What inspires you to write?

2. Who is the most influential person in your writing career?

3. What three books should everyone read?

4. Describe a typical workday.

5. A special message to Christian retailers.

I looked the questions over at lunch, trying to figure out how to best answer them. The hardest one for me was "What three books should everyone read?" The question is shortened here - they originally asked, "Besides the Bible, what three books should everyone read and why?" It was hard to pinpoint three and even harder to define the books as a "should" and then give reasons why! I tossed a few novels around but as much as I love fiction, in the end, I picked three non-fiction books - all because of that little "should" word. It's not that stories can't fall into the should category, just that everyone enjoys different types of stories so it's harder to be that specific. But I picked three that really impressed me and I hope that many people will read them.

You can see all of my answers and the answers of all of the authors who were interviewed at the Christian Retailing website here. The authors are in alphabetical order. Click the question that interests you and scroll down to the author of your choice. Or scroll the list of author names on the right sidebar and click to find your author. The answers aren't long, and you may find them interesting. :)


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