The Desert Princess!

While I work to complete all the final details on Rahab and work on the upcoming release of Rachel in February 2014, today my editor sent me the first round edits on The Desert Princess! I can't wait to share the cover on this one, but with an August 2014 release, I've been asked to wait a little longer. This book is about the first wife of King Solomon, Naamah, (and mother of his heir) and will be released to e-book only. So if you have a Kindle app for your computers or iPad or you have any type of e-reader or e-reader program, you should be able to get a copy. I'm told it will be reasonably priced. It is part one of a five-part story, which I really hope you enjoy!

But I supposed I best see what my editor has to say about it first, and how many times I'm going to have to rework this one!