Behind the scenes - Rachel

When I first started writing, I never dreamed I would switch between stories like high school students do subjects. After all, my first two-volume epic of King David's life took me 3 major rewrites and many, many years to complete. Fast forward to today when I'm writing Rahab, which also includes making a timeline, character sketches, and Reading Guide questions. In the meantime, I just finished edits on Rachel, but still need to write Reading Guide and Bible Study Questions (to make the Wives of the Patriarchs Bible study complete.) At the end of last week, my wonderful editor, Jessica, emailed me that she is working on the first Loves of King Solomon novella - The Desert Princess - and I could expect to see galleys (edits from her) soon. But she's letting me finish my 3rd draft of Rahab first. When Rahab is finally turned in (early December), I should be free to start Abishag's story (no working title yet) - the second novella in Solomon's series. I am itching to get started on that one!

But then in the first part of the year, there is Deborah. Stay tuned, because I have questions for you all about her. Please be thinking about what you think about her, what you'd like to know. I can't wait to start that research!

In the meantime, just a quick "behind the scenes" look at Rachel, coming in late January or the first of February (depending on shipping schedules). I

If I were writing a movie instead of a novel, I already have my characters cast in my Rachel idea board. These pictures come in handy when Revell asks me for cover ideas. Here is my idea board for Rachel. (Rachel is the one on the far left, two poses of her. Now look at Revell's cover model. Close? They always do such a good job!

So what do you think? Do visuals like this help you write or learn? What do you hope to get from Rachel?