A big thank you!

I just finished reading the last of the book reviews for Bathsheba sent to me by my publisher, Revell. These are reviews done by bloggers who are part of Revell's blog tours for their authors. They just did a tour for Bathsheba, and it took me several days to read through them all! All of the reviews were kind and so positive! Some of the reviewers are writers themselves and their words were so-well crafted - they truly blessed my heart! Any author will tell you that they appreciate reader letters or comments that are uplifting or that compliment something they have written. Christian writers are especially grateful when a reader writes to tell them their story caused them to open up their Bible or helped them to restore a relationship or seek forgiveness. The same is true when a reviewer takes the time to give an honest opinion and at the same time truly likes their work!

On the other hand, if they are honest, writers will also tell you that some reviews are hurtful and wound. Some writers refuse to read reviews whether good or bad, more to avoid the pain of those wounds than to avoid the joy of uplifting words. I understand that feeling. Why is it that we tend to focus on the negative comments and forget all the good? I can read ten positive comments and be uplifted, but then turn and read one negative one and feel instantly deflated. Perhaps it is the nature of the artistic spirit that feels too deeply. No one enjoys criticism, especially if the work is so personal, coming from the imaginations of our hearts. That is not to say a critic should never point out a flaw in a creative work. It is only to say that such flaws are better noted when they are measured with kindness. There is a reason for the "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" adage.

Be that as it may, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of Revell's blog tour participants! I am thrilled that you enjoyed Bathsheba.

I do have one comment regarding the book - a little known fact, you might say...

Bathsheba does read as a stand-alone. Each book in the series can actually be read in any order. However, there are some details that will make better sense if you read the series in order, but these details are subtle, so unless you are as detail-oriented as I am, you may not notice. :) (I considered giving one away, but then realized it would be a spoiler, so...)

I hope you enjoy the entire Wives of King David series. These are the stories of my heart, and I'm thrilled to share them with readers. I honestly didn't think I could enjoy writing another series quite as much, but then I started working on The Wives of the Patriarchs...Rebekah's story (book two) is starting to truly captivate me now! Look for book one, Sarai, next year!

Thank you again to all who have kindly reviewed my work - whether they agreed with my take on the characters or not!


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