This and that...

I am finding it hard to stay coherent today. I was awake most of the night with some type of bug. So today has been rather wasted, at least in terms of all the things I was supposed to do! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I remember calling my mom this morning to tell her I couldn't make it to a meeting because I felt awful. Later, I wondered if I'd dreamed the phone call. In the midst of fighting this bug, I've been working on my current WIP - making a little progress. But things are heating up for Bathsheba's release, and so I've taken a break to work on interviews - some of which I hope to get to yet tonight. RT Book Reviews invited me to guest blog on their website in March, so I'll be posting links to that early in March. I'm slated for March 15th!

ACFW is posting an interview with me in March on their featured author section of their website. Favorite Pastimes and Trish Perry are also having me as a guest. And Revell plans to do an online blog tour soon, so if you get a chance to catch some of those reviews or just want to read more about Bathsheba, look for the blog posts and visit the Wives of King David series website.

I'm currently reading another TOP Pick 4 1/2 starred book from RT - Ann H. Gabhart's book Angel Sister. This is the first book of Ann's that I've read and I'm loving it! Very well drawn characters - a story that draws you in. I'm looking forward to getting back to it shortly.

Abigail is about to be entered in two upcoming contests with March deadlines. (Everything happens in March, it seems!) It's an honor to be able to enter, and always a hope to final, of course. But either way, I'm grateful for the chance to get the book into the hands of new readers.

In the meantime, I need to go drink some herb tea or take something to feel better. Too late for chicken soup, but it sure sounds tempting.

Shalom Aleikhem - "Peace be upon you."

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