The Desert Princess release!!

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The Desert Princess!

by Jill Eileen Smith

On the cusp of young womanhood, Naamah, Princess of Ammon, loses her heart to Solomon, heir-apparent to Israel's throne. But Ammon is a lowly vassal state, and Naamah is an unequal match for King David's son. Can Naamah convince her father to seek an alliance anyway? And if she marries the would-be king, how can she keep him all to herself? Can she risk sharing a man she cannot help but love?

The Desert Princess available at:

Amazon (Kindle) CBD (most e-readers) Barnes & Noble (Nook) iBooks also carries this novella, but I couldn't find a way to link to it.

I'm so excited to share this story with you! I hope it whets your appetite for more on King Solomon in the next few years!

Some have asked me if this will be available in print form. Sadly, no. These ebook shorts are digital copies only. They can be read on any digital device, depending on where you purchase. Kindle provides free apps for phones, iPads, computers, etc. CBD's version can be read on computer and perhaps other e-readers. I'm not sure about Nook.

Eventually, Naamah's story will be compiled into a paperback book that will include all of the Loves of King Solomon, with additional material from Solomon's point of view. I'm not sure if that book will look completely different than these or include much of the material that is in the novellas. That is a project I have not fully fleshed out, so...we'll see.

Please feel free to pass on this information. And thank you all for your continued interest in my work!

Happy reading~