Sunday Special on Sarai!

Reduced Price on Sarai e-books - TODAY ONLY! $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, CBD, and wherever e-books are sold. If you know someone who hasn't read it yet and wants to, please let them know about this deal. As I wrote Sarai's story, we were moving our two oldest boys across the country. How strange it seemed to pack everything up and travel so far, knowing that I would never again hear their car pull into the drive or their key turn in the door. Not without a trip to the airport to first pick them up! I thank God for Skype and telephones and airplanes, which makes for fairly easy (though rather expensive) visits.

Not so in Sarah's day. Once they left Mesopotamia, they never returned, and news by camel caravan took a long time in coming. I wondered how it felt as a woman of 65 to follow a husband of 75 to a new land, just because God told him to go. To leave home and family and all they had known all of their lives! I'm not even 65 yet, and I wonder how hard that would be for me!

That pondering and personal experience gave me a deeper appreciation for Sarai's story in Scripture. I hope you enjoy my version of her tale.

Happy reading~