SARAI is here!

The other day my wonderful marketing manager at Revell told me that Sarai had arrived in house and would be shipping yesterday! A month ahead of schedule. Well, today my first copy landed on my doorstep! A new book always brings a certain measure of emotion with it. Joy, gratitude, amazement! And this time, a few tears, particularly when I saw the dedication in print. Sometimes it's hard to come up with the right words in a dedication and this time, for this book, the decision was harder than with the others.

When I received galley edits on Sarai last August, my editor asked me what I'd like to put there. At that same time my dad was diagnosed with leukemia and given one to two months to live. I knew in that moment that though I had dedicated Bathsheba to both my mom and dad, both such wonderful, deserving parents, that this time I wanted the book dedicated in loving memory of my dad. The story's theme fits his own life's theme fairly well, I think. He longed for a better country, one not made with human hands. So this dedication is my epitaph to honor him.

For the rest of the book - Sarai is a story of a journey of two real people who lived in time and space nearly 3000 years ago. But their experiences and the emotions and challenges they faced are not so very different than our own. While you will encounter what Abram and Sarai lived through (according to Scripture - and of course, part in my imagination), you will also meet Lot and Melah (Lot's wife) and Hagar, a woman whose story shaped a nation. And in fact, many nations emerged from Abraham and Sarah's descendants, though two in particular stand out to this day - the Arabs and Israelis.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure into the lives of the Wives of the Patriarchs. Travel back in time to 3000 BC to Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Canaan. Travel with Sarai, Abram, Lot, Melah, Hagar, and those around them as they leave the lands of their birth to go to places unknown to them. For most it was a walk of faith, though not all trusted in the same things or the same Person. It is said of Abraham in Hebrews 11:10 that "he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God." Abraham and Sarah walked on in faith, though they didn't live to see every promise fulfilled. They considered Him faithful who promised to keep His Word.

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Todah rabbah! (Thank you very much!)

And happy reading~