Rebekah's Cover!

So...I went to Amazon tonight and discovered that Rebekah's cover is now up, which means I can share it here too! A little background on covers, particularly this one. When I received the cover design for Michal, Revell asked me what I thought and did I have any concerns? I made one suggestion about the headpiece, which they fixed, but that was my only input. With Abigail, they asked my suggestions in the beginning, but I didn't have much insight into the behind the scenes. When Bathsheba came along, I got a sneak peek at the model they wanted to use. When Sarai's cover was in design, they asked my opinion on costume and jewelry, and I got to see a few choices of models. I don't get to actually pick the model, but it's nice to get a glimpse of what they have in mind ahead of time.

When Rebekah came along, I got to see several headpieces, gowns, necklaces, and models. I mentioned a few background items I liked, but didn't honestly know what they would come up with. I LOVE the creativity Revell shows in their covers! And I have to admit, I am pretty stoked about the covers they have created for my books! I'm very grateful for their expertise and the care they give.

I hope you like it! Now to get back to finish editing the story.