Radio Interviews this week

The Prophetess from Amazon

If you live in the Detroit area or if you have a smart phone or a device that allows you to download a radio app, or if you just want to click on a link on your computer, please consider joining me this week on WMUZ 103.5 FM from 10:45-11:00 on Family Life Perspectives Radio Program sponsored by Perspectives of Troy. We are talking about the different women in the Bible that are covered in my books, including The Prophetess and how we can learn from their struggles - struggles very similar to what we face today. I hope you get the chance to listen in.

Tomorrow I will be on live radio with KNEO Radio on their Author's Corner program from 10:30-10:45 CT or 11:30-11:45 ET (my time zone). KNEO’s listening audience covers southwest Missouri but also reaches into Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, so if you live in any of those states or can pull up the station on a phone app, I hope you'll join us! I hope you enjoy hearing about these women of Scripture and for tomorrow's KNEO interview in particular - The Prophetess.

Until then~