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Do you read email newsletters? (This is actually a newspaper column, not what I have in mind for a newsletter.) Still I will admit, I read a few. Not all. For me it depends on content and presentation. I want visuals (pictures), not just words. And I want short and personal and informative. What about you? Do you sign up for newsletters from your favorite authors? Do you read them?

This is new territory for me, but I'm going to give it a try. You will soon see a signup box at the top of each page of my website (along with a few new icons). Please fill out the form! (I'll remind everyone again when it's done.)

I have Jones House Creative designing a template for me for the newsletter, but I will have to fill in the content. These will only go out with the announcement of a new book or e-book release, unless I do one or two more throughout the year. Tiger thinks he should have a "kitty corner".

I'd love to hear from you, the reader - what would you like to know? About the characters? Research? Behind the scenes? Do you like contests?

The first newsletter is going to feature Rachel. So...what would you like to know about Rachel?

Help me out. Please!