Last Sunday e-book deal on SARAI

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During the last Sarai Sunday special, I mentioned that we were moving our boys to California as I was pondering Sarai's story. But the editing and publishing process takes time, and long after those first words were drafted, I was editing Sarai, when we got the news that my dad was dying of leukemia. He died three months later, and I could think of no better dedication than to include a mention in the book in his honor.

For like Abraham, my dad was a man who was looking for a better country, a city whose architect and builder was God. (See Hebrews 11). And though my parents never moved across the country like these patriarchs, they knew/know what it was like to long for a better place. (Mom is thankfully, still with us!) I like to imagine that my dad has already met Abraham and Sarah and had some lengthy conversations with them.

I hope their story, especially the one in Scripture, inspires you!

Happy reading~