Interviews and other news...

July was a busy month of travel, painting, and other household projects. Randy has been working hard to get his '66 Mustang painted, and I've helped him with putting the paint booth together. He got some of it done this past week, but the car body is awaiting good weather to finish the job - not too hot, not too humid. I can't wait to see it done! I took this past month off from writing, which gave me a much-needed break. I had finished the first draft of Sarai in late June and am anticipating the galleys for Bathsheba to come mid-August. This week I need to finish up a timeline for Bathsheba so my editor can make sure I keep the story's progression accurate. It helps to know when years or months have passed between scenes or chapters. I know with Michal I had a few complaints from reviewers that the story jumped with the passage of time. Sometimes, that can't be avoided, and Bathsheba follows a similar trend later in the book. In order to tell the story I want to tell, to encompass the fullness of David and Bathsheba's relationship, I have to show the passage of years. Unlike Abigail, Bathsheba's story spans more history. Hopefully, my readers will appreciate this and understand. And hopefully, they'll like the story I've imagined. :)

Screen Shot The Wives of King David1This week Abigail is doing a blog tour among various blog sites. And I've had a few interviews of late, as well. One is posted on Suzanne Woods Fisher's Blog where you can enter to win a copy of either Michal or Abigail, winner's choice. Check it out here. Another is on the Seriously Write blog - A Blog for Christian Writers where I was asked to talk about hope for those pursuing publication. Check it out here. I hope you find it encouraging.

One of the blog stops for Abigail that is already up was posted by my friend Deb Raney. Deb surprised me by adding the above screen shot of all three of my book covers! I have the books and Bathsheba's framed cover sitting on my bookshelf so I get to easily see them every day, but seeing them together like this is so cool! Reminds me yet again of how grateful I am for the chance to see these stories in print!

For those of you who might like to keep up with contests I run periodically on Facebook, be sure to click on the Facebook link on the right and join my author page. I'm just finishing a contest for two copies of Abigail and will run another soon. Sometimes I forget to post them here, so if you know someone who might like a free copy, follow me on Facebook or Twitter to hear the latest.

I cleaned cupboards yesterday and have spent some time reading for research and pleasure. Coming up in August, I'm hoping to finish painting the window wells and enjoy some car shows with a newly painted '66 Mustang! I'll post pictures when we're done.