Coming "unplugged"

For the next few weeks, I am taking a much-needed electronic sabbatical. A break from work and electronic devices, social media, email, etc., except maybe for my e-reader and phone when absolutely needed. (This is going to be a challenge for me, as I seem to find my smart phone following me everywhere. So different from the former land lines.) While I love connecting with everyone online, sometimes I forget how to "unplug" and relax. The downside of working from home is that work never leaves. I can create my own schedule and work my own hours, but sometimes that means working until 11 p.m. when I would normally be reading a good book or finding some way to unwind.

IMG_1641Computers and smart phones are great tools, but I wonder if we aren't "over-connected" to the cyber world. I know I can be. What I once viewed as a great resource for research is now so much more than that. The internet is only a click away from looking up a little detail, like what do you call a female goat (vs. a female sheep), or what does an ancient loom look like, or how was an ancient nose ring worn?

photo-81But there are also so many social venues to keep up with and news to read and email groups to share ideas...we all know how it is. Our culture has become high tech and fast paced, and we rarely take time to just "be". But from the very beginning God built into men and women the need to rest. He set aside one day a week to seek rest. He called it a sabbath.

I wonder how many of us would benefit from taking a digital sabbath?

My main reasons for this break are to unwind, refresh, and heal. I'm having work-related shoulder pain from too much use of my right hand/arm. (Prayers for healing are most welcome!) And time away can only help that.

I hope you will stop by again when I return. Perhaps you will take your own digital sabbath at some point. If you do, I hope you tell me about it. (After you return!)

My best wishes to you all during the time we are apart.