Bathsheba on Kindle and Nook $2.99 - Limited time!

My publisher is running a sale on Bathsheba for both Kindle and Nook (and probably other e-readers) from June 16 - 24, a limited time offer of $2.99. If you've wanted to read the book but haven't gotten around to it yet, this is a great deal! (Aside from free, of course!) But free, unfortunately, doesn't pay the bills for authors or publishers, so we also want you all to know how much we appreciate those who can afford to buy the books and choose to do so. Without you, there would be no sales, and therefore no books to print. But that's true for every job in any economy. Even ministries need funds to sustain themselves. And as Scripture teaches, "a worker is worthy of his hire."

So thank you to all who have supported my work through your generous purchases! And for those who borrow or get the books free, thank you for taking your valuable time to read them.

I greatly appreciate each one of you!