A Passionate Hope is a wonderful novel rich with historical detail about real people who suffer the heartache that comes from stepping out ahead of God, and the miracle of grace that comes when we cry out to Him.”

Francine Rivers, bestselling author of Redeeming Love


"Perfectly captures...the drama of rahab's"

The Crimson Cord perfectly captures all the drama of Rahab's original story, fleshing out the characters with care and thought, and following the biblical account every step of the way. A beautiful tale, beautifully told!

— Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night

"truly authentic to the world of the bible"

A faithful portrayal of the story of Jacob and his two wives, Rachel will make you feel the agony of two sisters in love with the same man. Smith has the knack of making her fiction feel truly authentic to the world of the Bible.

— Tessa Afshar, award-winning author of Harvest of Gold


"A tale of strength and faith that bears relevance even today"

At last, the mystical figure of Deborah comes to life! With obvious research and attention to detail, Jill Eileen Smith gives vivid voice to the women at the center of Israel’s victory over Canaan. A tale of strength and faith that bears relevance even today. Not to be missed!

— Tosca Lee, The Legend of Sheba and multiple New York Times bestsellers


“[A] beautiful ending that will delight fans everywhere”

Filled with unexpected twists and tender moments, Abigail is a lovely addition to the Wives of King David trilogy. Readers will love Abigail’s emotional journey, and the beautiful ending will delight fans everywhere.

Ginger Garrett, author of In the Arms of Immortals and Chosen

“takes us deep into...the heart of a woman determined to follow God's will.”

With skill honed by years of historical research, made sharper still with a gifted passion for storytelling, Jill Eileen Smith crafts the story of Abigail in a way that takes us deep into the heart of King David and into the heart of a woman determined to follow God’s will, no matter the cost to her—or to the man she loves.

Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of From a Distance and The Inheritance


“An amazingly realistic telling”

Jill Eileen Smith’s rendering of Abigail’s story is an amazingly realistic telling of what it might have been like for this woman of faith and courage to be married to one of the most powerful men of her time...For fans of biblical fiction, this is one story not to be missed.

— Maureen Lang, author of Look to the East


“A magnificent tale”

...Abigail transports readers back to biblical times, bringing the story of David and Abigail to life with such clarity and emotion that you feel as if you’re sharing their experiences. A magnificent tale...

— Kathleen Fuller, bestselling author of A Man of His Word

“believable and convincing”

... Abigail’s story is believable and convincing, and it unfolded vividly before my eyes. I felt her pain, rejoiced for her triumphs, and wept with her when tragedy struck. An excellent episode in the Wives of King David series...
Virginia Smith, author of the Sister-to-Sister series

“Vivid, engrossing, and reverently faithful to the biblical account”

Abigail is vivid, engrossing, and reverently faithful to the biblical account. Jill Eileen Smith’s love for King David transmits to the reader, who can identify deeply with Abigail, David’s third wife, sharing her joys, jealousies, and heartaches. Brilliant!

— Jill Stengl, award-winning author of Faithful Traitor


"Thoroughly Engrossing"

Thoroughly engrossing. Jill Eileen Smith receives my highest recommendation as an author of biblical fiction.

— Kim Vogel Sawyer, award-winning author of My Heart Remembers

"it vividly portrays...the incredible blessing of repentance"

Bathsheba is Jill Eileen Smith’s finest work to date. It vividly portrays the devastation caused by selfish passion and betrayal, and the incredible blessing of repentance and restoration through God’s grace.

— Jill Stengl, award-winning author of Wisconsin Brides


Well-researched and beautifully crafted.

This well-researched and beautifully crafted story will resonate in your heart and mind long after you’ve read the final page. An excellent read with a message that transcends time.

— Judith Miller, author of the Daughters of Amana series


“I could not put Sarai down.”

— Linda Windsor, author of the Brides of Alba series

“Smith’s research shines in this gem of a novel.”

— Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, author of the Genesis Trilogy  


"[A] rich biblical drama"

Sarai gives ‘the rest of the story’—Abram and Sarai’s journey toward faith. Don’t hesitate to open this rich biblical drama for new insight and a new perspective.

— Lyn Cote, author of Her Abundant Joy


"an unforgettable ending"

An absorbing visit to the past, filled with wonderful details, fascinating characters, and an unforgettable ending.

— Maureen Lang, author of Springtime of the Spirit and Whisper on the Wind

"You will not be disappointed."

Jill has a special insight into her characters and a great love for biblical stories. I highly recommend Sarai. You will not be disappointed.

— Hannah Alexander, award-winning author of Eye of the Storm


"A beautiful, poignant tale"

Jill Eileen Smith has written a beautiful, poignant tale about one of the most well-known women in the Bible. Bathsheba's story is complex and deftly handled, a fitting end to Smith's acclaimed Wives of King David series. Highly recommended.

— Kathleen Fuller, author of A Summer Secret, A Hand to Hold, and The Secrets Beneath



...Weaving passion, historical detail, and multidimensional characters with the biblical account, Smith achieves a rich tapestry of an era filled with love and longing that rings true across the centuries...This author’s imaginings in the spaces between Bible verses ring absolutely true in this compelling continuation of her series.

 Siri Mitchell, author of Love’s Pursuit

"A wonderful illumination of David and Bathsheba's story"

Bathsheba is a wonderful illumination of David and Bathsheba's story, ultimately one of redemption and restoration with Adonai. The historical detail drew me in as much as the vivid emotional drama, making this biblical account one that will stay with me forever.

— Maureen Lang, author of The Oak Leaves and the Great War series