Daughter of the Nile

Explore with me the exotic world of ancient Egypt and ponder the dilemma Siti faces when she leaves her homeland, her family, and the worship of her many gods, to live in Jerusalem where only Yahweh is worshiped. Can Siti leave her favorite goddess Bastet behind? Will she ever make sense of this land, it’s strange worship of one God, and a husband who is as wise and ever-changing as the wind? What must it have been like for a foreigner to marry the famous Israelite King? Come…imagine with me…



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About the book

Daughter of the Nile, (an e-book short story), #3 in the Loves of King Solomon series, features Siti (fictional name), Solomon’s Egyptian wife. When pharaoh’s daughter hears that King Solomon of Israel is planning a visit to Egypt, she has no idea that her whole future is about to change. Come, join me as we imagine what might have been…