A Passionate Hope

Hannah and her husband, Elkanah, share a deep and abiding love, for each other, for their God, and for his tabernacle at Shiloh. Greatly disturbed by the corruption of the priests, they long for restoration and pray for a deliverer. But nothing changes as the years pass. Years that also reveal Hannah to be barren.

Pressured by his family to take another wife, Elkanah marries Peninnah, who quickly begins to bear children. Disgraced and taunted by her husband’s new wife, Hannah turns again to prayers that seem doomed to go unanswered. Do her devotion and kindness in the face of Peninnah’s cruelty count for nothing? Why does God remain silent and indifferent to her pleas?

Travel back to the dusty streets of Shiloh with an expert guide as Jill Eileen Smith brings to life a beloved story of hope, patience, and deliverance that shows that even the most broken of relationships can be restored.



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A Passionate Hope is a wonderful novel rich with historical detail about real people who suffer the heartache that comes from stepping out ahead of God, and the miracle of grace that comes when we cry out to Him.”

Francine Rivers, bestselling author of Redeeming Love


"Smith weaves a fascinating biblical fiction story about Hannah, her husband, and his second wife...A Passionate Hope: Hannah's Story, is rich in history and details and is a wonderful addition to a great biblical fiction series." 

RT Book Reviews, four star rating


“Smith’s affinity for biblical research is evident in her well-drawn characters and detailed settings that breathe life into stories of the past. . . .Fans of Angela Hunt, Brock and Bodie Thoene, and Connilyn Cossette will be pleased to discover this rising star in biblical fiction.”

Library Journal


"While the bones of this story appear in the Bible, Smith’s great feat lies in exploring the plausible emotional and spiritual journeys of Hannah, Elkanah, and Peninnah—the grief and hopelessness of a barren wife, the bitter jealousy of the second wife who only wants to be loved, and the man caught in the middle. Readers will appreciate that Smith infuses this well-known story with emotional depth and a modern sensibility not typically seen in historical novels."

Publisher's Weekly


What Readers Are Saying

"In my ignorance, I had never even heard of Hannah in the Bible. I have never been able to pick up a Bible and read it. I do not understand what it means at all. Little by little I have been able to start understanding events in the Bible. And Ms Smith is one of the brightest authors capable of weaving a truly magnificent epic slice of that period of time in the Bible. Ms Smith has inspired me to pick up the Bible and begin to understand, in my own capacity, the events and the meanings therein."

—Laura McCloskey from BookBub Reviews